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About Us

Frank Thomas, Licensed Builder No: 115643C

Originally from Germany I have enjoyed living and working in Australia for the last 18 years. After finishing an apprenticeship as a carpenter/roofer in Germany I started to travel the world as a member of the traditional tradesman guild “Freiheitsschacht”. The aim of the journey is to gain new skills, become an expert tradesperson and extend ones knowledge of cultural, social and political issues of our world. Generally, completion of these travels carries a reputation of excellent trade skills in Europe.

I became interested in alternative building technologies around 1986, when I was part of a team specializing in grass-roof construction.

Apart from being involved in many smaller alternative building projects and taking part in many seminars and workshops, the highlight of this enlightenment was my participation in a large solar-active/ passive mud brick research project in Delhi, India during 1989/1990.

The project was designed and planned by Prof. Dr.-Ing.Gernot Minke (author of the Earth Construction Handbook see Books) from the University of Kassel, Germany Department for Experimental Building Technologies, in conjunction with the Indian Institute of Technology.

The mud brick domes are used as office buildings by the institute. For more details see:

It has not always been easy to keep work and life focused on the alternative path as financial needs sometimes meant accepting work at a conventional building site. However, since becoming involved in strawbale building about 18 years ago the untiring energy and inspiration from all the other bale-people around the world, plus the urgent need for sustainable building materials and technologies has brought me here today.

After more than twenty years of widespread experience in the building industry my emphasis as a builder lies on the highest quality workmanship. Following my responsibilities as a fellow human being and loving father, my aim is to build healthy, environmentally friendly and energy efficient houses, emphasizing sustainability and permaculture principles.

Our services include:

  • Complete or partial building work (conventional and strawbale construction)
  • Drafting service – Designing for Strawbale homes
  • Rendering with clay, lime and cement
  • Spray rendering
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Consultancy
  • Video & Slide presentations
  • Supply of clay & lime products

We specialise in:

  • Strawbale construction using the latest technologies
  • Clay & lime rendering
  • Clay & lime finishes (Tadelakt, Stuccolustro & traditional Japanese techniques)
  • Use of recycled timbers
  • Earthern flooring
  • Grass roofs