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Uki Strawbale Home and Music Studio

A lovely strawbale home with internal music studio in the beautiful Northern Rivers village of Uki, NSW.

This home was ‘Owner Build’ with the help of local tradespeople. We were subcontractors for the complete rendering work of the house. It was renderd with three coats of clay, sourced from the site, for both – internal and external strawbale walls.

The layout is in a shape of a boomerang with a lovely curved strawbale wall at each end of the wing tips. One wing accommodates the music studio, office and laundry, whereas the other wing accommodates a spacious bedroom, bathroom and compost toilet.

In the middle, where both wings meet to form the angle of the boomerang, are the generously sized open plan kitchen, dining and living area, topped at the tip of the angle with a beautiful arched window – giving view over the deck into the lush sub-tropical rainforest – the following pictures hopefully speak for themselves:

Living area with niche in strawbale wall and internal mudbrick wall – featuring lovely earthy colours from the clay sourced from site.

The entrance to the house at the base of the angle leading into the open plan kitchen/dining/living area. The doors are second hand “Balinese” timber doors.

Lovely curves and colours. A fireplace is planned to go into the corner where strawbale wall and mudbrick wall meet.

This is the arched window “with a view” at the tip of the boomerang angle.

This is an internal strawbale wall to seperate the music studio from the house. The “Truth Window” showing un-rendered straw – just in case you didn’t believe it.

This is the “Truth Window” from the other side – this time with one coat of clay render – just to show the different stages of strawbale wall construction.

Inside the music studio – a preloved drum has been used to make the round window – a nice touch and true to the purpose of the room.

This is the studio end of a boomerang wing tip – showing a beautifully curved and clay rendered strawbale wall – with the drum window from the outside.

Last for this project and BTW one of our favourites – here is a link to the musician/music that is created in and around this lovely home – if this doesn’t inspire……?