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Sutton Forest

Sutton Forest, Southern Highlands, NSW

A comparatively conventional design was used for this 252 m2 strawbale home in Sutton Forest.

Wrap around verandahs provide protection to the walls and offer a feeling of shady coolness to this country home.

A self contained “Granny Flat” occupies the front of the house and has been seperated from the main part by a rendered Hebel block wall. Fire safety regulations and a conservative council favoured these blocks over strawbales prior to official Australian fire tests on strawbales by the CSRIO.

Winter in the Southern Highlands often brings strong & cold winds however, this fairly exposed strawbale home has offered comfort & stillness to its occupants.

A modern kitchen in a strawbale home with very straight walls, as desired by the customers

Studwalls and fibre cement sheeting were installed in front of strawbale walls to fix tiles onto. Note: The 30 degree bevelled window lets in extra light.

Built on a concrete slab with timber flooring installed on top of the slab throughout most of the house.

Special Features

The 30 degrees bevelled windows, lined with red cedar present a special feature in this home.

Following the client’s wishes, these strawbale walls have been rendered with cement. A Condor MPS spray rendering pump was used for the job.