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Ryde Tafe

TAFE College, Ryde

These strawbale buildings are permanent features of a Permaculture display garden of the horticulture department of Ryde TAFE. The garden serves as an example of a sustainable suburban backyard, based on Permaculture principles.

The Straw Bale Cottage

The loadbearing strawbale cottage measures 12 m2 and serves as a Permaculture information centre. Concrete strip footings with a rammed earth floor form its foundation.

Special Features:

It has a Solomit ceiling – strawboard panels which provide an attractive alternative to traditional materials. The ceiling panels were donated by Solomit. See manufacturer’s website for more info

Rain water is collected from the roof with EnviroFlo guttering and stored in a small rain water tank. The roof gutters were kindly donated to support this valuable project. See manufacturer’s website for more info

The cottage features curved window and door openings and a niche. The generous roof overhangs of 900 mm provide protection to the external walls. Both, external and internal walls are clay rendered.

The Round Chook House

The round chook house measures 2 meters in diameter and is built on piers with a suspended concrete floor. It has been rendered with clay and a lime render finsih has been applied internally and externally.

The Straw Bale Outhouse

The small Strawbale outhouse is to serve as a composting toilet and has been built on strip footings with a rammed earth floor still to be completed.

This project has been built by students over several workshops and construction continues with further strawbale building workshops facilitated by Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow, Strawbale Construction.

The entrance to the permaculture display garden is this loadbearing Gothic strawbale arch

Four loadbearing strawbale garden walls with beautiful sandstone slabs on top have been added to the TAFE permaculture garden