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Queanbeyan – Rectory

Very dedicated volunteers from the parish made this project possible.

The strawbale rectory for the St. Pauls’s Anglican Church near Queanbeyan has been designed by an architect (Andrew Verry e-mail: from the parish and mainly built by volunteers from the church community, including its priest.

We helped with the rendering of the strawbale walls, two coats of clay and a finish coat of lime on both sides.

The new home for the priest and his family has four bedrooms plus office& study and measures about 250 square metres. The timber posts for the structure were recycled from a wharf from the Georges River in Sydney. Second hand windows were lovingly restored and soil from the site was used to render the strawbale walls. The gable ends and veranda were cladded with Radial Weatherboards, also known as Natural Edge Weatherboards, giving a beautiful rustic contrast to the lime finish of the strawbale walls.

Rectory inside, open plan living. (Photo by Ben Wrigley)

Smooth lime render finish. Note the gothic corners and beautiful leadlight window in strawbale wall.(Photo by Ben Wrigley)

Strawbale rectory in early evening. The timber cladding is made from Radial Timber Weatherboards. (Photo by Ben Wrigley)

Another stunning photo of the Rectory, taken by Ben Wrigley.

Stunning contrast of smoothly rendered strawbale walls, radial timber and recycled timber posts. The cross was shaped from clay and finsihed with a lime render to match the walls. (Photo by Ben Wrigley)

Leadlight window from the outside. (Photo by Ben Wrigley)

Cosy, comfortable & beautiful – a very lucky priest with a very lucky community. The dedication of the volunteers sprang not just from their religious believes, but also from their believes in using natural, healthy and sustainable materials to create this home and office, leaving the smallest possible footprint on the environment. (Photo by Ben Wrigley)