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Music Dome in Germany

We were very lucky to have this fantastic opportunity to be part of the team building a strawbale sound studio in Forstmehren (near Cologne), Germany. Together with Prof. Gernot Minke, his research assistant Friedemann Mahlke and a team of architecture students from the University Kassel, Germany, the dome structure was planned, designed and built in 2003.

The dome measures 8.2 metres in diametre and is about 5 metres high. A structure of laminated beams and plywood strips was constructed with strawbales placed in between.

The opening on top of the dome measures 1.8 metres in diametre where a skylight has been be fitted.

Internal walls are rendered with clay. Only one coat of clay render has been applied externally before installation of a waterproof membrane.

  • Strawbale Music Dome with Waterproof membrane

    Internal sides of strawbale walls are rendered with clay

  • Looking up to the skylight

    Nice fit for the entrance door

  • A close up of the small Truth Window and Lightfittings shaped from clay

    Beautiful natural finsihes with some artistic paintwork

More pictures and info on Gernot Minke’s work can be found via