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Pottery Studio in Milthorpe, near Orange, NSW

This beautiful studio is used as a pottery workshop and display room. It measures approx. 140 square metres, has cathedral ceilings 6 metres high at the centre. The exposed timber trusses are made from recycled iron bark. The ceiling is lined with Ortech straw boards. The structure is built on a suspended slab with a wine cellar beneath it. We raised and rendered the strawbale walls for the studio. Local builder David Turk was the main contractor and can be contacted via

The picture above shows part of the steel frame, timber roof construction and Ortech straw panel ceilings. Bales are stored under the roof, ready for walls to be raised.

Strawbale wall raising under way.

Rendering has commenced.

More rendering with clay.

Pottery completed and in use for it’s intended purpose.