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Hornsby, Sydney NSW

This beautiful 4 bedroom home is in the middle of suburbia but it doesn’t feel like it.

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The spacious natural flow of this home gives you the feeling that you’re in your own sanctuary where the air is fresher and everything feels strangely calmer.  The secret to the tranquility and beauty of this home is CLAY!

Excavated from the property that the home is built on, the clay was tested by Strawtec and found to be perfect for the internal render. A unique Japanese rendering technique was employed that created these amazing window sills that are so robust and hardened that even the busy play of 3 young children isn’t a concern.


This single story home was built with straw infilled walls and used second hand green bricks to achieve thermal mass in the walls of the children’s bedrooms.


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There is a study and a rumpus room and a lovely outside entertainment area.


The walls were raised in a workshop run onsite allowing the owners, their family and their friends to participate in the creation of this beautiful and well loved home.