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This cottage near Goulburn has been mainly owner built. Our involvement includes spray rendering services, supply of all render materials, the addition of a niche, minor building work and complete application of three coats of render.

This lovely strawbale cottage measures 96 square metres. It is of octagonal shape with a timber cladded extension to one side (right side of this picture) which accomodates kitchen and bathroom.

The roofoverhang measures a generous 900mm, great for protecting strawbale walls.
The structure is a so called hybrid, i.e. loadbearing and post & beam infill techniques have been used for the strawbale walls.

The house is built on timber piers, bearers and joists and the wide timber floorboards are made from recycled railway sleepers which have been sliced into about 25mm slabs. All windows & doors are second hand and a small pre-loved kitchen has been installed.

The first, sprayed on coat of clay is drying out. Shocked by the cracks Not to worry, the cracks serve as a key for the second, more solid and thicker coat of clay render and actually are a sign of a strong, well suited clay.

A bridging coat between second coat of clay render and final coat of external lime render is sprayed on.

Addition of a creative detail, the “Taj Mahal” niche.