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Loadbearing strawbale home with loft near Glen Innes, NSW

This loadbearing straw bale home near Glen Innes has been built on a concrete slab and measures 135 sqm plus 20 sqm extra space in the loft.

Rendering had to wait for about 6 weeks as a settling period is especially important for a loadbearing structure.

In only 12 days we raised, pre compressed and stitched all strawbale walls; completed the roof construction and roof plumbing, built the loft and applied the first coat of clay render externally.

Between 3 and 5 people (some experienced & some not) helped during this wall and roof raising period and 2 roof plumbers were employed for 2 days to get the corrugated iron roof skin on quickly.

The home has now been rendered with local clay and a lime render finish has been applied to the more exposed areas externally.

Hang on a minute, sheep eating your straw bale walls is not supposed to happen.