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This marvelous straw bale home featured in the July 2001 issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine and also on the TV show.

Consisting of four separate buildings, the project was completed in two stages.


Includes the Garage, the Games Room and the Bedroom Wing.


The double garage measures 68 sqm and has a dividing wall to separate a tool/garden shed from the main area. Strip footings with a rammed earth floor form the foundation.

The interior strawbale walls are rendered with clay while a lime render finish was applied onto the clay-straw render for the exterior. A recycled timber sliding door with leadlights adds to the rustic feel of the building.

Games Room:

The Games Room measures 64 sqm with a concrete slab forming the foundation.

The interior walls are rendered with clay while a lime render finish was applied over the clay render on the outside.

Special features include curved rendered eaves, exposed roof construction, exposed cathedral ceiling lined with Solomit straw panels and window shutters made from recycled hardwood. To achieve the coarsely textured lime render finish externally, large grained sand was used together with a special rubbing technique.

Bedroom Wing:

The bedroom wing measures 64 sqm with an ensuite toilet & shower. Joists & bearers with a recycled timber floor form the foundation.

The internal walls are rendered with clay and highlighted with a very smooth clay & lime finish. Clay render envelops the exterior walls, cow dung was added to the last external coat for greater weather resistance.

Special features include a large curved opening for French doors and inbuilt shelves and bench from recycled timber. Note how beautifully the wide, recycled timber skirting boards follow curves of door openings. For the ceiling Ortech straw panel were installed.

  • Bedroom Wing Niche

    Bedroom Wing Window Sill

  • Neat detailing.

    With the large sliding door opened, the ensuite conveys the feeling of an outdoor bathroom as often seen in Japanese architecture.


The Main House

The main house measures 250 sqm, plus an extra loft space of 35 sqm, presently the kids bedroom.

Following passive solar principles it is built on a concrete slab. Ontop of this, tiles providing thermal mass have been used selectively for flooring.

The internal strawbale walls have been rendered with clay and painted with a lime wash. Externally an oxide stained lime render was used as a finish coat over clay render.

Special features are many in this house. A raised timber floor, an internal window from the loft to the dining area, cathedral ceilings lined with Solomit straw panels, niches and wide window seats accentuate one of the living areas. The granite kitchen bench extends to the outside entertainment area. Internal walls, ceilings and the loft are constructed from Ortech straw boards. Recycled doors and windows add to the rustic appearance, whereas their number, placement and size emphasize passive solar principles and the optimum use of daylight. The eaves are lined with recycled timber.

The loft is presently a spacious double bedroom for the children. The exposed ceiling is lined with Solomit straw panels, walls and floor are constructed from Ortech straw panels. The staircase leading to the loft has been hand-made from recycled timber. Beautiful gothic style windows allow a view of typical Australian bushland.

The bathroom features a hand made bath, floor, walls and bath have been lined with colourful riverpebbles, a unique two way door opens to the toilet and hallway respectively, niches and a round – bale deep window feature in the toilet. Last, the large Japanese sliding door provides a feeling of an outdoor bathroom.

View of the back of the main house. Timber trellises and a porch over the back entrance to the laundry further compliment a passive solar design.