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Dignams Creek

A very interesting strawbale house has been completed by Owner Builders and the aid of our strawbale working bee and our rendering and carpentry services.

It is a two storey (with split level ground floor) pole framed strawbale and rammed earth family house in Dignams Creek, South Coast of NSW, near Narooma.

Poles for frame were sourced from property.

The house features 4 bedrooms, open plan kitchen/dining/lounge, a lovely masonry heater from Heavenly Heat (the owners business) A study and a sunroom, decks, timber floors, timber windows & doors, water tanks, free standing solar electricity panels, solar hot water, compost toilets and much more.

External strawbale walls are rendered with three coats of lime using high quality lime putty, and the internal SB walls are fully clay rendered.

Split level ground floor showing open plan kitchen/dining/lounge and masonry heater with (pizza) oven in background, what a beauty!

Window curve & sill detail, how lovely!!

An absolutely lovely spot, organic orchards and gardens are currently established, that can then be admired from the lovely deck, enjoy!

Strawbale wall raising in progress, a sometimes tricky process fitting bales in with round pole framing, working up high – but it got done in the end.

External lime render has been completed – but lots more to do in and around the house before the stunning place is finished.

The beginnings!

Getting ready for wall raising.

It is a stunning house, it took a few years to build by the Owner Builders and helpers, but the result is a very comfortable & spacious, energy efficient & healthy family home, leaving a much smaller environmental footprint than a conventional house of this size and design would have done, well done Alan & Fiona, a huge commitment for a huge achievement.