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Eco House and Garden Toilet Block

The Eco House and Garden Centre is located at Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre in Terrey Hills, near the northern beaches of Sydney, NSW.

For more info and directions to Kimbriki visit

The Eco House and Garden Centre is an Education Facility dedicated to exploring how to live in a more sustainable way. Regular workshops for Composting & Worm Farms, Start your own Organic Vegie Garden, Weeds and Wild Herbs, Sprouts/Micro Greens & Health and much more……. are offered at the centre.

The very capable and dedicated team at the centre is lead by Senior Eco Gardener Peter Rutherford, please visit for more information and some great photos of the beautiful gardens.

The new toilet block has external and dividing strawbale walls to make up three cubicles for male, female and disabled compost toilets. A ramp provides wheelchair access to the disabled cubicle. Hand wash basins have been installed on the dividing walls. Recycled materials from the recovery centre have been used were possible. The walls are rendered with three coats of lime plaster. The composting toilets are from Nature Loo.
And now to some photos of this quite fancy, very comfortable – strawbale walled – compost toilet block.

Front View with Truth Windows, Ramp and Rainbow Rails

Nice Curves

Wheelchair Access Ramp

Truth Window Boys

Truth Windows Girls

And here’s a close up of the third Truth Window adorning the dividing Strawbale Wall in the Disabled Toilet Cubicle – all Frames were Lovingly Crafted from Recycled Timber.