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2 Townhouses in Chifley, Eastern suburban – Sydney.

These two storey modern townhouses are located in Chifley, one of Sydney’s popular eastern suburbs close to Malabar beach. They both feature a strawbale wall rendered with clay internally and cladded with corrugated iron on the outside. Both properties have been sold for a price measuring up to current prices in that sought after area.

We were responsible for completion of the strawbale walls.

The house in front on the right is the two bedroom townhouse, it measure approx.126 square metres and has an underground garage.

This picture shows the three bedroom house of about 180 square metres plus double garage and balcony.

The picture on the left shows part of the strawbale wall from the outside. The strawbales behind the corrugated iron have been covered with two coats of clay render for protection and fire safety. The narrow strip of translucent claddind reveals unrendered strawbales – one very large truth window – proof the wall is built with bales.

The picture above shows the open plan kitchen/dining/living area of the 2 bedroom house. Note the clay rendered strawbale wall on the right.

Looking from above at the living area of the two bedroom townhouse.

A modern, colour co-ordinated bathroom in the Chifley townhouse.

Open plan kitchen/dining/living of the three bedroom house, note the clay rendered strawbale wall on the right. The clay has not been tinted, it shines in its natural earthy colour.

The living area of the three bedroom house with french doors opening up to the deck and backyard.

And here is one for the entertainer – a small but very efficient & sheltered suburbian backyard with deck, lawn, shed, and inground pool – how neat is that?!