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Canungra, Queensland

Strawbale family home before rendering. This ca. 220m2 (including loft space), 4 bedroom home was Owner Built with the involvement of QLD Builder Paul den Besten, to be contacted via or 0408870178. Our company was responsible for the complete rendering of the strawbale walls.

The Gecko

One of the creative details for this home is a large, magnificent Gecko of about 3 metres in length, modelled from cob around wooden dowels.

Clay, the main source being from the property, has been used to render the home internally & externally. Generous roof overhangs of 700mm protect the external walls from the elements. Also, natural and vapour permeable Silicate (clear) has been applied to further protect and seal the walls.

Natural, magnificent & picturesque, both – the home & the scenery.

Internal detail with niche in strawbale wall.

Internal picture with stairs to loft.

We love it!

A wash for the Gecko! Just joking.

A large bucket of water, approx. 30 litres, was gushed against the Silicate sealed clay render surface. This experiment served as a simple test for the first time used (by us) natural sealing agent. The water pearled down the surface, causing no damage such as wash off or deep penetration into the clay render.