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Bywong NSW (15 minutes from Canberra CBD)

A generous three bedroom post and beam strawbale home with loft and large deck, measuring approximately 300 square metres, was completed in Bywong in 2008.

The internal render for strawbale walls comprises of three coats of clay plaster, externally the render includes two coats of clay with a finish coat of lime plaster. All rendered strawbale walls are painted with vapour permeable products such as mineral paint externally and lime wash internally.

Strawbale walls were raised with the aid of a 4 day working bee facilitated by us and we completed the creative details and the rendering of all strawbale walls.

Bywong, completed 3 bedroom strawbale house.

Lime render finish on external walls.

Row of windows in hallway with a smooth curved clay render finish.

Niche with Buddha in strawbale wall. Note the grainy but smooth clay plaster finish.

A perfect spot to relax or read your favourite book.

Stairway to loft with light coming in through a thoughtfully positioned window in strawbale wall. A slab of granite was used for the sill, keeping the penguin’s feet aptly cool.

Clay rendered strawbale wall with tiled bench in bathroom.

The wide clay rendered (strawbale) window seat with it’s earthy colours and lovingly selected ornaments reminds of true oriental elegance.

A corner detail where post, window and strawbale wall meet.