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Bundanoon, Southern Highlands, NSW

This strawbale family home includes 3 generous bedrooms plus a sun/guestroom and attached garage, all together measuring approx. 300 square metres. The home was designed and the project managed by Henderfield Consulting, Bundanoon, contact details or Paul Macefield mobile no: 041344 3786.

The south and west walls, including curved internal south wall, as well as walls of the attached garage are rendered strawbale walls. The north and east walls are cladded with a combination of colourbond custom orb and Kwila hardwood boards, both have R1.5 poly batts and R2.5 Aircell sissalation for insulation. The generously designed openings in the north & east walls are part of the passive solar design.

The above sloping strawbale feature wall, also protecting the entrance, was purposely shaped with an “arty” twist inwards on the lower part, and another twist outwards towards the top, in contrast to the straight lines of the concrete slab and facia/ceiling of the entrance. The photo also shows the drying final coat of lime render.

The “twist” up closer.

The strawbale walls were raised (with approx. 400 two-string rice straw bales), pre-compressed and stitched with the aid of a four day working bee facilitated by us. We also completed the rendering for the project. Internal walls were rendered with three coats of clay, two coats of clay and a final coat of lime render (slaked quick lime prepared & provided by us) were applied to external strawbale walls. This photo shows the second coat of clay render drying out. Water collected from the approx. 420 square metre roof area runs into a 120,000 litre tank and supplies all household needs, overflow from the tank is directed into a dam via an open stream, there is no town water available to the site. The hot water service is a gas boosted solar system.

Dining and living, photographed from behind kitchen counter.

Curved strawbale wall with clay render finsih.

Strawbale walls in TV nook.

Winter sun streaming in through openings in north & east walls, providing natural light and warming up the slab for release of heat later.

Comfortable corner in bedroom.

Strawbale walls in bathroom, tiled half way up with clay render covering top half.

Curved internal southern strawbale wall, photographed from other side of living area.