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Bathurst family home and garage

A strawbale family home of approximately 300 sqm plus double garage of about 100 sqm near Bathurst. Most of the work has been completed by the owner builders. Our involvement includes consultancy and rendering services.

Spray rendering first coat of clay render directly onto strawbale walls. The clay used here is sourced form the property and is highly suitable for its purpose. More of this quality clay can be obtained from the owner Tim Cox, please contact him on 042737 5505 for details.

  • First coat of clay render has been applied with Condor MPS303 spray rendering eqipment. Admiring “Priscilla” alias Condor MPS303. More clay please. A home build seed seperator has been further converted into a huge clay sieve.

    Note our very strong clay render. A 8mm wall plug and screw are holding this 20 litre bucket filled up with water without strain nor damage to the render.

  • This strawbale family home was open to the public during the national strawbale house open day in November 2005, organised by Ausbale – The Australasian Strawbale Building Association -; maybe you were one of the lucky ones to see this lovely house ‘au naturel’

    Completed strawbale home in early morning fog.

  • We had the pleasure to be accommodated in the family home. Proudly parked in the front is our truck, a Dodge, packed with materials and “Priscilla” – the spray rendering pump – ready to continue to the next rendering job.

    The “Truth Window” is bordered by the top picture frame. The truth window or straw window, as creative as you like, shows a section of unrendered strawbale wall behind its glass, proof for the unbeliever.

  • Small Aluminium splinters were added to the top clay mix, achieving a textured sparkly surface when sponging the finished top coat. After having added chopped straw (chaff) to other finish coats to achieve a textured shiny golden finish we stumbled over the Aluminium splinters, being left overs on the floor from planing Aluminium door and window frames to a snug fit. Thought, hey these might look good as special surface effect, it worked very well and provided a nice contrast to the plain clay rendered surfaces. Many other materials can be added to the top coat mix to achieve special surface effects, for example small pebbles, iron filings, shell grit………

    Kitchen and Dining.

  • Living.

    The hall-way. One can nearly feel the comfort those thick strawbale walls provide.

  • More early morning fog from the view in the cosy study.

    Clay rendered window in the bathroom

  • Smooth, clay rendered curves around the openings in a bedroom, great environment to rejuvinate from a busy day.

    Outdoor living. Old bricks make for a colourful paving.

  • Curves, straight walls, rendered gyprock wall, natural clay finsih, all make for a perfect hallway.