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Green bricks – a great way to achieve thermal mass

Lets talk about thermal mass. Common building practice is to put wire through stud walls with nails and screws and then fill them with cob. This is labour intensive and can take up to 2-3 months to dry which can lead to fungus and walls have even been known to sprout! Strawtec recommend that you use GREEN BRICKS to create thermal mass which is a healthier, faster and cheaper option. It is also great for owner builders as they can lay the bricks themselves. The green brick wall accepts conduit and is finished with a beautiful clay render. The clay shields your family from the electrosmog or electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that leaks from your electrical cables, switches and fittings.



Place green bricks laid on their side (as per photos).

Place the studs 900 apart and brick up 4 rows at a time without the need for a mortar bed.

Lay the bricks in a running bond and put a noggin down and screw it off to the stud each time you get to four rows high.

Staple reed mat to the studs and noggin and then render over it twice with clay.

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