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What about termites, rodents & insects?

The prime source of food for termites is timber. They much prefer wood to straw. Consequently a strawbale house entails less risk of damage from termites than a timber house does.

However, normal precautions against termite infestation, as used with any other construction technique, should be followed to protect the vulnerable components of your building from termites.

Remember: Because of the high frequency and cost of termite damage, no insurance company in Australia currently provides insurance against damage caused by termites.

Walls built with tightly pressed strawbales provide fewer spaces for pests to live in than conventional timber frame houses do. Also, because clean and dry straw has very little nutritional substance, it is unable to support a pest population for long in itself.

If the render is well applied, contains no or only very fine cracks and is well maintained, the risk of any pest infestation into your walls is very low.