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Masonry Stoves

Clean, green heat from Heavenly Heat Masonry Heaters. Now available in Australia

Overview of Masonry Stoves

Masonry stoves (or Russian or Finnish stoves) have yet to gain a foothold in Australia. They have been used for generations across the higher latitudes of the entire northern hemisphere where their efficiency of burning fuel and the friendly, even warmth they emit could keep families comfortable even in the harshest of winters. Only the mountain dwellers among us need to combat such a climate but our southern winters still bring a need for warmth.

The qualities of masonry stoves make them ideal for environmentally conscious home owners in places where timber is the fuel of choice. They burn with minimum pollution and with most of the heat generated being used where it is required. This is unlike slow burning fires that create more smoke and deposits and lose much of their heat to the atmosphere.

In principal a refractory core is surrounded by a skin of stone, brick or even elaborate tiling. This is often done very artistically. A short hot fire is lit; the gases being channelled up and down around the core before leaving via the chimney. Much of the heat in the flue gases is absorbed into the masonry and then exudes gently out over the next 12 hours or so. Users relate the feel of the heat to that of warm sunshine, rather than the ‘all or nothing’ output of traditional fires.

Masonry stoves have been traditionally custom built by expert masons, but now there are kits available (see the Tempcast site below) whereby individuals with some bricklaying skills can build their own masonry stoves, which come in a variety of configurations depending on where in the house the stove is positioned.

There are many online sources of further information, those in English are mostly from the USA or Canada. Here are a couple of useful sites: