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Bendalong South Coast, Near Ulladulla, NSW

Winner of Straw House MBA Excellence in Regional Building Awards 2018

This home features two separate buildings connected by a covered walkway making up a spacious 2 bedroom home of approx. 180 square metres.  Surrounded by hand crafted verandas, created by Strawtec, using locally sourced materials and traditional timber construction methods.

The main building accommodates an open plan kitchen/dining and living area heated by a small wood fire place. With two large bedrooms and main bathroom housed in the second building.

The design encompasses passive housing principles and is in line with the Passive House standard for air tightness. Incorporating sustainably resourced non-toxic building materials, energy efficient products and features including,

  • Rain water harvesting
  • Strawbale passive ceiling system
  • Electricity provided by an off grid stand-alone system with 2kw of solar panels and 15kw of battery power.
  • Worm farm septic system which is Solar compatible creates no methane and sees approximately 95% reduction in organic garbage to
  • Garden and firefighting water provided by gravity fed dam water from a tank above the property.
  • Recycled windows, doors and most timber finishes where used throughout the build seeing Strawtec modifying each wall section to accommodate different sizes.
  • Internal clay render sourced from the property
  • Internal paint was created by the use of; Kalin clay sourced from the local beach which formed the base for all white walls painted areas, with coloured feature walls created from clay sourced from the property site.
  • Timber ceiling lime wash finish was hand-made Strawtec using with 8 year old slaked lime.