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Design your home with Strawtec

Strawtec can help you to design and build your dreams

Strawtec love working with peoples ideas and concepts for the designs that they want for their homes. To make this easier we have developed a variety of  ‘base’ designs for you to choose from and from there we can together make it the home that you’ve always dreamed of.

Using these base designs you can then tweek the layout to meet your families needs and wants.

Our designer has worked with Frank for 8 years and knows exactly how to incorporate straw bales into your home and how to make your home suit your block and your needs.

With a focus on zero energy bills and creating healthy homes we offer a  deal of $3900 to turn your ideas into drawings ready for council submission and also to achieve the highest energy rating possible.

Strawtec is passionate about “completing the esky” by putting straw bales in the ceiling and this concept is an integral part of each and every one of our designs.