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Something else I am so pleased to have learnt from and want to share – I had the most amazing experience in the north of Thailand during January this year. I spent one week living with communities who depend on and use bamboo for their livelihoods. We walked into two remote villages, and we’re blessed with cooking lessons – but in bamboo, OMG the best rice I’ve ever eaten. We sat on bamboo flooring, we slept on it and were lucky enough to be allowed to chop bamboo in the jungle to bring back down into the community, – and I now know how to make the most amazing bamboo ‘anything’ you could think of. How natural can you get!

Finally added this loadbearing strawbale cottage with strawbales in the ceiling to our projects click for more.

Please visit for some great photos and the story of construction of a small load bearing studio near Bega by two very dedictaed Owner Builders. A 5 day wall and roof raising workshop was held there in April 2012 with us as facilitators, and it rained and it rained and it rained but all was good at the end .

Please visit for photos and comments from a working bee at Razorback (Picton). All SB walls went up, were pre-compressed & trimmed and first coat of lime render was sprayed onto external walls – all of this over 4 busy days – a fantastic achievement, only possible with the help of a great bunch of volunteers THANK YOU ALL.

Here is a link to a blog and a video via

telling a story with lots of pictures of the beautiful strawbale house

that’s currently under construction in Franklin Tasmania. Enjoy!!